Meet the Guy!

Historic Vehicle Program Coordinator
New Guy

Ian Richardson is the Historic Vehicle Program Coordinator at the First Division Museum inside beautiful Cantigny Park. He has been at the First Division Museum since 2017. While not a mechanic by trade, he has a border-line obnoxious love for military history and the technical details of military equipment, uniforms, and machinery. An officer in the US Army Reserve, Ian is used to the ins and outs of the Army Ordnance Corps, and the care and maintenance of military equipment that goes into using it. He has hit the ground running with research for the Liberty truck project since he got here and is incredibly happy to have been working at the museum in time for the Liberty Truck project’s grand finish!

The other new(ish) person

Working closely with Ian are a team of volunteers as well as multiple members of the FDM’s programming staff, like Jackie Gillaspie. Jackie is the First Division Museum’s Volunteer and Program Facilitator. Though she also began working full time for the Museum in 2017, she has been volunteering and acting as an intern for the museum for almost 5 years. Jackie’s vast knowledge, fantastic people skills and recent completion of a Masters Degree in military history make her the perfect coordinator and we will continue to see her very much involved in the use of the Liberty Truck and Cantigny’s historic vehicles.