We’re Back Folks!


April 27th, 2018
April 27, 2018- Partially Assembled truck at Firebrand, LLC in Woodstock, GA.


Well folks, it’s been quite some time since our last update on the truck- nearly a year by our calculations. I’m here to tell you that we haven’t forgotten about you, our adoring public, or the massive endeavor that is the restoration of the Liberty truck. In fact, we are in the final stretch! 2018 will make a full decade since the beginning of this adventure, and we are planning at this time to see our Liberty back and functioning by late summer this year. Just in time for many of America’s WW1 centenaries.
At the moment, our Liberty is having its finishing touches done down in Atlanta, Georgia by an expert who has worked with some of the other few Liberties still out there. As of late April 2018, the truck is beginning to look like a recognizable piece of military equipment. When all is said and done, we will have one of just 4 operating Liberty models in existence and we are extremely excited to get the truck out to the public for our many events planned for the 2018 season and beyond, and I am equally excited to finally get a shot at driving it!

We look forward to having an active online presence again and bringing you updates, photos, and research sources to help you with all your liberty truck questions!