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In 2008, the First Division Museum at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL acquired a 1918 Standardized Class-B Military Truck, better known as a “Liberty Truck.” Looking to restore one of the earliest military vehicles in our fleet and within the history of the Army, the First Division Museum joined a small handful of select museums and private collectors to tackle such an ambitious project. Considered to be the Army’s first standardized motor vehicle, the Liberty Truck helped set the stage for both the mechanization of the military and the standardization of military vehicles.

After nearly 11 years and lots of hard work from volunteers, automotive experts and professional restoration experts, the First Division Museum managed to turn 8 parts trucks into one of the most accurately restored running examples of the truck that survives anywhere in the world. To date, only 5 are known to be in running condition. We are proud to be the owners of such a unique piece of history and continue to share its story.

Ian Driving the Liberty- September 2018
Our Museum’s Liberty Truck shortly after its arrival back to the park- after nearly 11 years of hard work, it is now a living remnant of a by-gone era.

Since the completion of our second-series Liberty Truck’s restoration in 2018, we have continued to use the blog as a mouth piece for updates regarding our truck and the museum. We are also dedicated to acting as a focal point for the many years of research we have had to do in regards to this rare bird; sharing history, photos, technical data, and all other things Liberty truck! We hope you enjoy our site and come back for our regular posts on all sorts of subjects surrounding the one and only Standardized Class-B Military Truck. Feel free to browse past posts and comment as you desire.

From all of us here at the First Division Museum Historic Motor Pool- Welcome!




10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi:

    Great to see a Liberty being restored! I am sure you are aware of another military Liberty at the Ft. Lee US Army Museum.

    I am a US Navy veteran and have had the honor of knowing a number of World War – 1 or ‘Great War’ veterans.

    I have a 3-ton Packard Army truck and have had it in the 2014 and 2015 Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC and other events. If you need the US War Department Class B Army truck body plans and shop drawings I believe I can help you. I had my Army Packard at the Hershey Fall Meet in 2015 and it drew considerable positive attention.

    For you information a fellow in Fredericksburg, Virginia owns a Liberty he is restoring now.

    I’d be glad to send pictures to you of my Packard. You can also go on Google and type in ‘Packard Army truck’ to see pictures of my truck posted by others on the web.


    Dave Lockard


  2. Dave,
    Thanks for the information. I know that there are several other Liberty Trucks throughout the county and world being restored right now. About a year ago a gentleman shipped a Liberty Truck over to New Zealand to restore. Sadly though, with so many built there are only a hand full that exist. Yet, it is nice to see others interested in this vehicle …. thus the reason for this blog.

    As for the plans and drawings, I am always open to any additional information. We have some drawings, but it is good to see other versions. If you find them, let us know. It is much appreciated.


  3. Chris:
    The Liberty in New Zealand went to Mike Cameron – a great guy. He stayed with me for a couple days this past summer – with his wife Jackie. He has a Packard truck in NZ and got a chance to drive my 1920. Mike’s email is “Jackie Melvin” ; He helped the fellow in virginia who also has a Liberty

    Dave Lockard


    • Dave, you are correct that is Mike. I talk to him off and on about parts, just messaged him about some stuff I have for his pierce arrow. I try not to throw names out there in case they don’t want that. He is a great guy. I also know he is still working with Carey in VA with some parts.


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