Taking the Truck Back to 1918!

We here at the First Division Museum have always sought to maintain a fleet of working vehicles specifically for that reason: to work them! Despite its rarity, we treat the Liberty no different and with the warmer weather we can finally get our truck out to stretch its legs for the public. Over this past weekend the First Division Museum staff and volunteers brought our truck ‘Nancy’ out to an off-site event for the first time: World War 1 Days at Midway Historic Village in Rockford, IL. One of the largest Great War Reenactments in the region, Rockford was the perfect place destination for our Liberty.  If you came by the event on Friday or Saturday you more than likely saw Nancy66 putting around the park throughout the day. We had a wonderful time showing her off and she was absolutely one of the event’s star attractions.

The take-down/set-up of the truck for shipment is always a laborious undertaking so a special thanks to all of the First Division Museum’s volunteers who helped out the beleaguered staff member prepping Nancy for movement. Thanks to them and Midway park we were able to spread the word of WW1 trucks, logistics and this long-forgotten 10,000lb behemoth to the public! Be on the lookout for Nancy again at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL around Memorial Day Weekend 2019!


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