We’re Back Folks!


April 27th, 2018
April 27, 2018- Partially Assembled truck at Firebrand, LLC in Woodstock, GA.


Well folks, it’s been quite some time since our last update on the truck- nearly a year by our calculations. I’m here to tell you that we haven’t forgotten about you, our adoring public, or the massive endeavor that is the restoration of the Liberty truck. In fact, we are in the final stretch! 2018 will make a full decade since the beginning of this adventure, and we are planning at this time to see our Liberty back and functioning by late summer this year. Just in time for many of America’s WW1 centenaries.
At the moment, our Liberty is having its finishing touches done down in Atlanta, Georgia by an expert who has worked with some of the other few Liberties still out there. As of late April 2018, the truck is beginning to look like a recognizable piece of military equipment. When all is said and done, we will have one of just 4 operating Liberty models in existence and we are extremely excited to get the truck out to the public for our many events planned for the 2018 season and beyond, and I am equally excited to finally get a shot at driving it!

We look forward to having an active online presence again and bringing you updates, photos, and research sources to help you with all your liberty truck questions!

5 thoughts on “We’re Back Folks!

  1. 2 Questions: where do you get your information about running Liberty Trucks? Doing extensive research, I learned of more than a dozen out there in the world. Out of that, there are at least 6 out there running. There is one in New Zealand and another in England.

    Also, isn’t there suppose to be a tire odometer on the drivers side hub?


    • Hey Frank! Yes there is an odometer missing-we have it back at our shop in Illinois and are trying to fix it. In the meantime they capped our wheel with a solid cap in its absence.

      As for the running liberty trucks, our info comes primarily from extensive research, constant updates and communication with others in the community. Between our research and that of others in the hobby, we are only aware of about 3 still in running condition and 4 more in the process of being restored to running condition. There are an additional 15-20 in varying states of condition from fully restored but non-functioning, to rusting partial assemblies. Of those running, 2 are in the US (Oregon Military Museum and another in private hands on the east coast) and one is in the UK (owned by Ian Morgan). There were others that worked previously but are no longer being run to the best of our knowledge (Iowa Gold Star Museum at Camp Dodge, IA).

      Hope this answers some questions!


      • You guys are missing a lot that are out there. I know Wikipedia says one thing, but you should talk to the community more. The best example of an all original is in Flordia. Then you have 2 in Ohio, one of them is running. On top of that you have other running examples in Canda, New Zealand and England, all in different cosmetic shape. But heck, I’m just an old guy that likes old stuff and doesn’t know much. Just saying to expand your search. Just curious, what is your background in with vehicle restoration? How many vehicles have you restored?


  2. Hey Frank,

    According to my recent talks with others out there to include Ian Morgan (owner of the running model in the UK) and Adrian Winget (building one out on the east coast) there are only a few running models to include Ian’s in the UK, the one in Oregon, and another in Virginia. Adrian Winget has been keeping track of these trucks pretty closely as have I. I visited the Iowa Gold Star museum recently to see their formerly running model which is no longer in functioning condition and hasn’t been since about 2004 according to the curator. As for the Ohio and Florida trucks I was aware of a few being actively restored but not finished and running. The New Zealand truck was also, to my knowledge, not working but being actively restored- he recently cast some mounting brackets for us. The Canadian example is now Ian’s in the UK (he purchased it from a historical farm in Ontario around 2014 I think). The only Ohio trucks I was aware of are at the Dayton Museum and one other Museum, neither of which I had heard were running as of emails and check-ins with Adrian the last month or two. If you know of some specific names other than the ones I’ve mentioned I’d love to hear from them as the field is obviously quite limited and I am always looking to talk with other owners of working Liberties. As for Wikipedia, the page is VERY lacking and I had planned to update it myself after a little more time and research amongst owners haha.

    My job is to slowly pick up the research and pieces where the people before me left-off; my hope was to gradually post some small posts here and there to generate interest in the truck and the history again. I’m a program coordinator who works with the public and drives and operates the vehicles but my background in maintenance and restoration is limited, but that’s not what I was hired to do here.

    Hope this answers some of your questions!


    • Ian and Adrian are both good guys and know a good amount. Adrian has a good collection of parts too. You should follow their lead. But you should also look at where the Liberty Truck was first produced. But in general, it sounds like the current team you guys have are what we would call in my days, a bunch paper pushers and the old team actually did restorations. But heck, that’s ok. Not everyone is cut out to do restoration work and we need guys to look for pictures. Good luck!


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