Shafts + brakes + oil + water

Golly oh boy … it’s been quiet a long time since we provided any update on our big beast. Nevertheless, that does not mean we have not been working our tails off to get the old girl up and running. Since our last update, both drive shafts have been installed, the rear and only brakes have been all hooked up and tons of work has been done to the engine. Hoping to start the almost 100-year-old engine in a few weeks, we have been pushing hard to get it ready. The oil pan is on, which by the way, is the entire size of the engine. The water pump has been rebuilt and installed. The hoses are connected and the carburetor has been  rebuilt and is ready to go on. Having only a few more steps to complete (and a couple of more mysteries to reveal), this old girl will speak again in a short time. So stay tuned … we are hoping that our next post will be of the engine running.