Thank You Volunteers!

by Laura Sears, Volunteer and Public Programs Coordinator

I am so excited to be the Liberty Truck Blog’s first guest blogger. As the Volunteer Coordinator for the First Division Museum, I must admit that my knowledge on all things Liberty Truck is limited. However, with Volunteer Appreciation Month going on, I thought we could take a quick break from the technical side of things and learn a little more about the volunteers behind this historic project.

Over 20 volunteers make up the Motor Pool’s volunteer crew. They meet weekly to maintain the museum’s macro collection. Their weekly tasks can be something as simple as an oil change on one of our World War II jeeps or as complex as engine work on the Liberty Truck. The levels of gearhead knowledge vary amongst the volunteers. No prior experience is necessary to become a motor pool volunteer. When I find myself down at the motor pool, on a Wednesday evening, it is not out of the ordinary to find a young high school or college aged volunteer learning basic, or advanced, mechanical skills from Chris, Alicia, or one of our more seasoned volunteers.

The volunteers are really enjoying the challenge of The Liberty Truck project.  It is a complex project that requires hours of research and a lot of attention to detail. It is because of the volunteer’s hard work and dedication that we are able to bring the history of the 1st Infantry Division to life. We really couldn’t do it without them. April is National Volunteer Appreciation month, so to say thank you for all their hard work we decided to throw the volunteers a surprise pizza party!

In the upcoming months, we will be featuring more about this amazing Volunteer crew and their work on the Liberty Truck Project. You can read more about our volunteer opportunities on our website:

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