A link to the past

Since the start of this project we have been collecting photos, advertisements, manuals, drawings … pretty much anything and everything on Liberty Trucks. We have come across some very interesting items, such as 1920 US Army Quartermaster Auction flyers (which contain serial numbers of vehicles being auctioned), 1917 magazine write ups about the “New Army Truck,” to personal photos taken out of scrap books. What makes these items interesting is they are all original!

Here are some original photos taken out of various scrap books. These photos are a link to the past and help us during our research and restoration.


Nevertheless, we are always on the hunt and search every minute for that new find. Each photo, manual, news clipping or manufacture advertisement gives us a better window into the past. It allows us to accurately restore this forgotten vehicle to its best days.

One thought on “A link to the past

  1. Hi , I’m sure by now that you know about the American Truck Historical Society . They have one of the largest collections of photos and information at there hqts. In Kanasas City , Kanasas . Also there are numerous other clubs that might be able to help . I enjoyed your blog and can’t wait to see it run !


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