A link to the past

Since the start of this project we have been collecting photos, advertisements, manuals, drawings … pretty much anything and everything on Liberty Trucks. We have come across some very interesting items, such as 1920 US Army Quartermaster Auction flyers (which contain serial numbers of vehicles being auctioned), 1917 magazine write ups about the “New Army Truck,” to personal photos taken out of scrap books. What makes these items interesting is they are all original!

Here are some original photos taken out of various scrap books. These photos are a link to the past and help us during our research and restoration.


Nevertheless, we are always on the hunt and search every minute for that new find. Each photo, manual, news clipping or manufacture advertisement gives us a better window into the past. It allows us to accurately restore this forgotten vehicle to its best days.

The Beginning

When we first started the Liberty Truck project, it seemed like there was no end to this beast. Finding parts that did not exist, locating research that was non-existent and getting past the layers of rust and 100 year old grease was and still is very difficult. But we did it and we love doing it!

For over a year, we sifted through countless parts and collected other trucks from all over the country. We micro analyzed rusty bolts and foreign parts to see what useful information we could find. Some parts and bolts were so broken down and rusted, we never figured out what they were. At one point we even had six of these titans to accomplish our goal of finding parts.

Photo: Chris and driver Jim Demer pick up a semi-truck load of Liberty Trucks and parts from Kentucky.